My daughter does “talk” loudly, so what? 



Emily talks. Ok, it’s not actual words, a lot of goo goo, ga ga, da da da and other random noises but she’s hellbent on letting everyone know that she’s here and you must take notice. I love that she has her own little language and she gets happy at the sound of her own voice or mummy and daddy’s. For a baby so small, she’s 6 months old, she’s a little social bunny. If you’re all talking, she’d like to be part of the mix too, if you’re all sitting around having a natter over a cuppa, she’d like to somehow be part of it and will not stand to be ignored – fair enough I say! I’m pretty sure she is trying to tell me something, we’ll get there one day. On top of the babble she’s talking, she also makes some random noises, like really random. We’ve joked on a few occasions that she’s talking to the aliens, but her sometimes-wacky noises are also a sign that she’s developing the skills to get ready to talk.

There have been a few times, whilst out with friends that people have mentioned they’d like me to quieten Emily down because of her grunts, growls and loud “talking.” Would they prefer a ridiculously quiet timid child or a one that screams the place down? It often makes me wonder what they were like as children or if their children were similar as babies. Emily loves to growl. On occasions you’d really think she was a little lion with her need to growl at just about everything, but, the Health Visitor has said this is perfectly normal and just Emily’s way of unleashing her inner animal. So what if my daughter makes noises, would you rather she didn’t or even better, would you prefer her to scream the place down constantly? Emily is a pretty quiet baby if something is upsetting her, then yes, that would make her cry, but otherwise, she’s a rather happy baby. Her talking, babbling, chuckles, groans, grunts, growls and whatnot is just her way of expressing herself. This is just the little stage, soon she’ll start to talk and then an endless opportunity of sounds, noises and words will come out. A few grunts and growls here, however loud is just her way of talking to us. Someday, when the real words start coming out, it will be an endless opportunity of learning something new, fun, exciting and we’ll get to be part of her journey through the funny, magical and wonderful whilst she’s growing and tries to figure it all out. Can’t wait!

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