Emily has gone off solids

For the past couple of weeks, Emily has been up and down with her feeding. Gone are the days of eating porridge in the morning, some fruit at brunch and some finger food in the afternoon, because now all she’s interested in is her formula. So we’re back to a tub of her formula a week. As she’s 7 months she’s at the age where she’s “due” the next teeth to come through, possibly at the top, which would explain the constant need for me, long naps and increased interest in anything chewy besides food. If you’ve been to my house recently you’ll notice a lot of toys chewed, gnawed to an inch of their plastic lives, not because we have a dog, but because Emily is chewing crazily on each one. A particular stress ball shaped like a star is missing part of its points because Emily gnawed it to a now smaller and crappier looking star.


Now, this recent non-eating fiasco could be the sign of new teeth coming through or, could be that she’s been a little poorly of late. The other week she had a 24-hour bug which meant we had to cancel on a play date with a friend in Whitstable, but whatever the reason, she’s just not her little self and I’m trying to figure out what it could be! So, I’m calling out to other mum’s out there, are you experiencing the same or is this just a known phase? I want to hear from you!

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