Emily had her 10 month review last week 

My little baby is 10 months old. Crazy how time is flying. Last week Tuesday Emily had her 10 month review with the health visitor at our local children’s centre. It’s great to see how much she has grown in her little life. She’s crawling, pulling herself up, desperately trying to walk as she can now stand by herself for a few minutes, now the question is when will she walk? Eek. We’re so proud of her, she’s growing so fast and with that is this great little personality Shingi through too. It’s so lovely and to top that, in just s few months she’ll be 1 years old. Eek. 

What’s the 10 month review?

The NHS offers regular health and development reviews with your health visitor for your baby until they’re about two years old. These are put in place to support you and your baby in their growth and development to make sure everything is kept on track. Emily had her review at the local children’s centre, but it can be held with your GP, baby clinic or children’s centre. 

A few weeks before your review you’ll receive a question are in the post from the health visiting team, known as the Ages and Stages Questionnaire or the ASQ-3 form, to fill in. In the 3 page form, it will ask you a series of questions to answer relating to your child’s development. It includes s selecting of activities to trial out to see for yourself where your child’s development is at and then this is discussed in the review. 

What happens during the review?

You’ll talk about your baby’s health and development, any concerns you may have. You’ll discuss if your baby is gaining weight, their eating habits and anything else that’s relevant to your child’s health and development. They will so also weigh and measure your child. 

How long does the review last?

We were in there for an hour and 20 minutes. Emily slept the last 40 minutes of it. Be prepared and give yourself at least an hour. 

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