Emily is finally sleeping the night through 

I’m here, finally I am here people. Emily can sleep through the night. I don’t know who to thank, maybe myself for getting us to this stage, but I would like to swoop and jump around lie I just don’t care, but I can’t right now as she’s having a nap and I’m having a tea, it’s rather too delicious to spill. Ok, ok so there was a slight mishap last night with a Emily having a 30 minute cat nap in the evening, but after her little play around I got her down and she slept all night in her own bed no problem and without having to wake up for a feed. 

I can’t tell you the pleasure I am getting from this. It makes such a difference having a full nights sleep, even though yes, I still do wake up about 1-2am staring deeply into my Daily Mail app reading what the celebrity world of rubbish has to drift me off to dreamland next, but even though she stirs or may cry out when her dummy has fallen out, she still manages to sleep soundly from 7pm to 6.45am. Well done I say. 

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  1. Meh Mom says:

    Sleeping through the night was my favorite milestone! Sending you lots of good vibes that she keeps it up ~~~ (those are vibes)


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