Cancer Care Parcel: the perfect gift for someone who needs a little comfort during treatment

Cancer can be terrifying, exhausting, and isolating, not to mention the treatment on top. So, if you have a loved one who is going through chemo, it makes sense that you want to do everything you can to help them through the process, feel comfortable, and fully supported. It’s hard to really know what it’s like to live with cancer unless you’ve had it yourself, but I know a few people who are receiving treatment and others who have completed remission.

When undergoing cancer treatments, comfort is key. I’ve heard many times how friends have had to sit on hard plastic chairs, at uncomfortable examination tables, in cold clinics or hospital rooms, feeling tired of the endless treatment.

Going through this kind of treatment, the support and little gestures from your family and friends really make a difference.

Dr Shara Cohen was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2013. Shortly after being diagnosed, Cohen sold her company she started in 2000 and during the period of diagnosis use the proceeds to start up Cancer Care Parcel – aiming to provide appropriate gifts for people who have cancer.

“When you’re diagnosed you don’t really have time to think about yourself, there are all these things you need that you really don’t have time to get. All the people around you are also worrying and panicking about you. They can’t think straight either.”

Cancer Care Parcel provides an opportunity to be able to get a useful gift for someone with cancer in times of uncertainty of what to do or say. Parcels come attached with a small explanation of each item within it including a blanket to provide comfort and warmth throughout treatment. Items are carefully selected and approved by experts teamed with cancer patients, survivors and partners who kindly donate to the parcels.

“A lot of people don’t know what to do or what to say – the parcel is the opportunity to get a gift and know that everything is ok.”

I was contacted a few weeks ago to trial out one of their amazing pamper packages. I can see why so many people give positive reviews about each and everyone of their luxury gifts.

Their Luxurious Cancer Gift Hamper for Women is the ‘ultimate luxury cancer hamper provides useful, fun & comfort items for women with any cancer at any stage.’ It’s a bumper hamper that contains soothing, comforting and luxury items that can comfort a woman going through cancel. Safe for all cancer therapies, including, chemotherapy,  radiotherapy and/or surgery.

The box came a few days after it was ordered. I’ll admit I was quite surprised by the size of it. It took up nearly half of my dining room table. Underneath the wrapping, the box says “Someone thinking of you sent you this gift.”

When you open it up, the text inside the box states who the gift is from, including their website details and their social channels.

There is also a couple of sheets of branded tissue paper and an a for sized document that states what you have inside your female deluxe box. Inside this box, as you’ll see throughout this post, and various items that will be a comfort to the person receiving it.

Inside the box you will see two fairly large items covering the top half of the box.

One item is a super soft neck cushion perfect for ultimate comfort.

The other is a purple soft and warm faux fur blanket. I’ll admit when I first felt it, all I wanted to do was snuggle into it.

It’s incredibly soft. 150×200 cm, the ideal luxurious, soft and cosy blanket that you can snuggle up into, shared or not, to be honest I wouldn’t know who want to share this, that gives the ultimate comfort.

Removing the cosy blanket and the neck cushion, you will see a range of other goodies available.


  • This vintage LED glass bottle with Christmas stars, perfect for setting the mood whilst all snuggled up under your Softing house blanket.
  • A digital thermometer, earphones, power bank, travel sickness wristbands and a stress reducing colouring book and pug pencils.

The whole boxes contents includes:

  1. A water bottle
  2. Peppermint herbal tea
  3. E45 Cream
  4. Hand warmer
  5. Earphones
  6. Digital thermometer
  7. Vaseline lip therapy
  8. 2 packets of tissues
  9. Super soft blanket/throw
  10. Brazilian mud clay spa face mask
  11. Eye gel mask
  12. USB light
  13. Supersoft neck cushion
  14. Hand sanitiser bottles
  15. The Body Shop Hand and nail cream
  16. Colour therapy travel stress pad
  17. Colouring pencils
  18. Woven cool food bag
  19. Battery operated bedside night

I think there is such a great range of items available here. I think it can be difficult for anyone to try and find something that can be of comfort to someone you know going through cancer treatment. The aim of these great parcels is to help offer comfort at home or at hospital. Dr Cohen, having gone through the treatment herself knows what is needed to support someone. Having something that can make you feel a little less stressed, or help soothe on the days when they’re tough, or be the sense of comfort when all you wanna do is hide away and be left alone. The little touches, the little gift that just perks someone up and gives them a smile is great.

Cancer Care Parcel have gifts for all budgets, all ages including children. If you’re looking for something that can offer all the above, look no further than Cancer Care Parcel.

If you’d like to find out more about Cancer Care Parcel, Dr Cohen’s stories, or their great cancer community and support network, visit or check out their social channels – Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram.

Disclosure- I was sent the Luxury Pamper Hamper for Women for the purpose of this review. All words, opinions and pictures are my own.

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