Don’t let Google become your friend…


Anyone who has had a headache and stupidly gone to Dr Google for an answer knows what I’m talking about and you do it just because it’s quicker than phoning your doctor! But the problem with googling your health woes is of course that you get answers that are totally incorrect but flood you with instant pointless worry.

We use Google to search for anything and everything but health should most definitely be kept out of it! We use it in our everyday lives to check anything from a bank balance, a recipe, hotels and travel information, to stream TV online or check out the latest industry news. When people asked what books I was planning on buying when pregnant, it didn’t cross my mind, because if I needed to know anything about anything, Google obviously would have the answer. Now being 5 months pregnant, I wish I hadn’t googled all the things I’ve googled in the past few months. Wow. Just wow. All those mums-to-be know what I’m talking about.


There’s a lot of things in pregnancy that I wasn’t prepared for. I heard so many different stories from friends and family that I just thought, at first, that would be the same for me, but it wasn’t. Anyone who’s been pregnant experiences everything differently! So I did what any person has done before, I turned to Dr. Google. We’re all guilty of turning to Dr. Google for various reasons but in pregnancy if you want to make yourself seriously paranoid, go wild on the search engine.

I’ve googled everything, everything. And even as I write this, I’m thinking about googling something else health wise, because I can, it’s there and easy to access. But you shouldn’t rely on it for the definite answer. If you think there is something seriously wrong with you or if you’re unsure, call your midwife or your GP, don’t just take Google’s response as the answer of all answers.


It’s bad enough when we google things like ‘Is it normal….’ because that won’t provide you with the answer that you want, because us as individuals cannot possibly take the positive answer as the right one, we have to take the one bad comment and stick to it. Sort of like those TripAdvisor reviews, never take the 300 positive reviews, always take the bad review on page 326 as the one that will make you not go with that hotel.

Since speaking to my midwife and discussing everything with her, Google is not the answer to anything that I need health wise and shouldn’t consider it as part of my day-to-day life. If I’m unsure of something, or worried or concerned I should call the midwife or speak to my GP.

The worst type of googling is when you stumble on something that’s so terrifying that you can almost give yourself a heart attack. But when discussed with the midwife turns out to be nothing and the result of you being a hypochondriac. So, for future reference, I should definitely know that bending down doesn’t mean I’ve killed my baby, that being able to breathe in a little more than usual does not mean anything that I think it does and that it’s totally normal to pee as many as 30 times a day.

So, for all you big worriers out there, if you have a problem you need solving health-wise, do the right thing and speak to a professional.




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  1. Ha what’s even funnier I’ve found is going onto the Glow pregnancy app in the “community” section and seeing all the women asking EACH OTHER to diagnose their issues…not even considering googling things like “normal pregnancy symptoms”, seriously just asking people to look at their ultrasounds or assess their symptoms, it’s too funny. Well, that and the horrible “bump” shots that are primarily just bloated bellies at 6, 7, 8 weeks hahaha 🙂

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