Feed your child how you want, boob or bottle, mother knows best.  

There’s a lot of talk in the press at the moment that women who breastfeeding are slowly dying out, becoming such a rarity that it could stop all together. I don’t breastfeed Emily, but before you pass the judgement book, I stopped because I developed thrush and fuck me it was painful. Emily wasn’t getting what she needed and I felt like my boobs were being sawn in half, so for the both of us, I made the decision to stop a few weeks after she was born. A few of my friends breastfeed and enjoy doing it. It comes so naturally to them and it’s so wonderful to see that something so natural can help feed and nourish their child. What I find worrying is that this could stop because women find it difficult to do so in public thanks to some grumpy old git not wanting to see it in a public place.

Here’s the argument…

For me I found it incredibly hard. I struggled to understand why something so natural would take a lot of practice to just, well, work. It was definitely up there with, woman gives birth,  baby makes you lose weight immediately, except that’s not how it really works. It’s a skill you need to learn. Breastfeeding for some comes so ridiculously natural to them, I was almost baffled that I couldn’t figure it out for myself, but it takes practice and a shit load of patience, which can be painful if you have a screaming hungry newborn crying in your ear! I know people who love to shove it in others faces that they can breastfeed and how they’ve some damn great at it. And when I mean shove I mean get-togethers with friends and family and the boob is just whipped out, baby half attached whilst milk drips from their nipple in front of horrified children and grandparents. I’ve witnessed it, it’s almost so baffling, you’d think I made it up, but no, it’s true. I still can’t look at cream cakes the same way since.

Anyway, breastfeeding is important. And if you can do it, do it. I don’t think women whether they breastfeed or bottle feed should be made to feel different because they’ve chosen to feed their child different to another. Whether your child is breastfed or bottle fed, you’re nourishing them, preparing them for life. However you choose to do it or where, do it. Don’t feel pressured by the media moaners or some clicky mum who thinks they know better than you. Whatever or however you choose to bring up your child, do it your way.

Rant over.

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