Party planning: Emma’s birthday party – afternoon tea party – Madhatters theme

Location: Emma’s house

Guests: 5 children, 5-7 adults

Food: Jam sandwiches, ham sandwiches, cheese sandwiches, scones, a selection of biscuits, homemade brownies, cheesecakes and more.

Drinks: adult drinks, soft drinks for kiddies, tea.

A couple of weeks ago, I was chatting to Emma’s partner Shawn about what he had planned for her birthday, it was off a previous conversation I had with a Emma who wasn’t sure what to do herself as it fell towards the end of the half term so whatever would happen had to somehow work around that and of course our kids. An idea I came up with was afternoon tea. Emma loves tea and cake, who doesn’t? Which transformed into the Mad Hatters Tea Party idea. It was a perfect way to celebrate, involving our kids, with everyone involved, with tea, cake, some games for the kiddies, dress up a little, and hopefully have some fun!

I put together my list of things to do, organise, make, bake and craft and roped in some friends to help too. Everyone had a little task to help make the day perfect, all in the comfort of Emma’s home. It would be fun for all ages, there would be entertainment, tea and punch for the adults and hopefully Emma would enjoy the surprise. We had to figure out a way that Emma would be distracted on the Saturday morning so that I could get to hers and sort out the planning, put the features in place and be ready for when she came back hopefully to a bit of cheer and surprise on her birthday.

With the theme being centred around the famous Mad Hatters Tea Party from Alice in Wonderland, of course we needed a Mad Hatter, a role that stressed me out no end trying to channel my inner designer and create a Homemade version of a hat, costume of sorts and make up. I tried on a few occasions to get Emily to wear cat ears as her input as the Cheshire Cat, but that failed miserably. Who knows for the actual day itself, we’ll see! There were talks in the online group I set up, who were going to wear the bunny ears, who could come, bring what, what she’d say and more.

I was excited. We all were. And admittedly terrified as I don’t think Emma likes surprises, but hopefully she likes this one. I pinned like no tomorrow for 14 days at all hours of the night- Pinterest was my best friend, so was The Works, charity shops around Ramsgate, Poundland, eBay and Amazon Prime. What I couldn’t make, I’d set a budget and bought online. Admittedly I spent a lot more than what I should have, but thankfully a lot of what I got I can use in the future for any Alice in Wonderland themed parties, should Emily wish for them or anyone else I know. Part of my bedroom became a nest for various amounts of accessories and more. Sam kept quiet about it, but I knew it was starting to get on his nerves – thanks for being patient Sam!

The day of Emma’s actual birthday, Friday 13th April, I rushed to Westwood Cross on route to Emma’s to pick up some sweet treats and balloons for the kiddies (although that was pointless later!), went to Emma’s, had tea and cakes, played with the kids. Later, when I arrived home, I was preparing a Pasta sauce for Saturday night as we had company down for Emma’s Party and I got a text. A text saying that Adam, Emma’s youngest was vomiting. Please don’t let it be so!

Amongst busily trying to bake a few different brownies, put the last bits of things together, pray that Sam can sort the hot water as I’m desperate to wash my hair – we’ve not had hot water for a day now – I busily checked off a few more bits off my never ending list and prayed that somehow tomorrow will go smoothly.

The day: Mad Hatters Tea Party

6am Morning:

The day is here. Last night was a long one, Emily didn’t decide to go down to bed for ages, but I’m up now catching up on The Big Bang Theory, writing my kit for the day (got to love a list), put the pasta sauce in the slow cooker, have a shower and get myself on the road to ready. Emily will be up soon, if I’m mostly done it helps!



A Mad Hatters Tea Party can’t exactly happen without a Mad Hatter, can it? So who better to be him than moi! I bought the makeup a week before, already have a Victorian style top, a bow tie, scarf, extra crazy materials to add to the eccentricity of the character and red wash-off hair dye.

Emily was supposed to be the Cheshire Cat, but she’s currently not interested in wearing the cat ears so will have to see how that works out. To be honest, I don’t think any of the kids will be wearing any props. Although Freya will be a little Alice.

Sanna will be the Queen of Hearts and Lucy will be the late bunny.

Just before 9, I was dressed, make up on, bottle of spray on hair dye in the bag, ready to leave shortly. So much to still do, so little time. Time literally rushing by. Emily was dressed in her outfit, still adamant she wasn’t going to wear the cat ears, so hopefully seeing the kids later, might change her view on that.

The next few hours was a rush around. When Emma finally came in just after 1pm with all the boys, full from breakfast, she was surprised. The kids loved the games, there was a lot of food leftover, far too much as they had so much for breakfast, what wasn’t eaten was kept or taken home by other guests.

The day after:

It was fun, admittedly I’m shattered. It’s been a busy few weeks, but I might hang up my party planning coat and leave that to the professionals next time! Very stressful and my face this morning is puffy and I feel a little sick or overrun from it. I’m glad everyone enjoyed it and thank all those who helped make the day special. Today, I’m doing mostly movies, maybe a park date with Emily and an early night.

I plan for a lot of those in the next few weeks!

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