We’re back to sleepless nights again

I thought this was over. But no, those times before where I thought I had it all covered, I was back to my sleep-through-the-night routines again, oh how I miss them. I assumed teething or maybe growing pains, but it appears it’s normal once again to have terrible nights sleep. Whilst Sam sleeps soundly upstairs I am downstairs with a wide awake toddler who’s happily amusing herself with Lego and books whilst I try desperately to keep my eyes open and not cry.

Apart from one whole nights sleep last night, this last week has been testing really testing. And it’s not like she’s been having mammoth naps during the day, bedtime comes and she refuses to sleep and during the night she wakes up screaming, ear-piercing screams followed by “mama” on repeat a bazillion times and then awake. It’s so frustrating. We were doing so well. Why? Why is this happening?

So, at 4.25am I googled it. I googled the hell out of this. It can’t just be me surely? I came across an article on Made For Mums and apparently it’s normal. Irritatingly not amongst most of my friends but it is normal.

It’s entirely normal among toddlers,” explains Rachel Waddilove, baby sleep expert and author of Sleep Solutions – Quiet nights for you and your child from birth to five years. “Some children will be about 2 when they start making a fuss about going off to sleep at night; others will be as young as 1.”

Also just a phase. Apparently. You know I would love to just accept it’s just a phase but how long do phases last?

Hopefully it doesn’t last. I’m at my wits end on so little sleep. I feel exhausted and to work on top all day and keep her thoroughly entertained is exhausting too. I spend a lot of time making sure she’s exercised, well nourished and active but watching her at this moment in time, so wide awake I really wonder how she can do it on a few hours sleep. But then she’s just a child. She gets to nap!

Please can this sleep hell end soon. I’m tired.

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