Little Ships, Ramsgate Breakfast Review

Last month I met up with my friend Jo and we went to the Little Ships cafe and restaurant on the Harbour front in Ramsgate. I’m not sure why I’ve not been there before but when I finally did, I can see why people have been raving about it.

It’s like a well known fact that a good morning breakfast should have a full English breakfast involved. Ok, yes, technically more so at the weekends but I don’t think it really matters when, as long as it’s good, that’s the main thing right? Right.

The problem though I find with many other folks is the pure and simple reason, that not everywhere has a good breakfast. Sometimes you’re really looking forward to a good English breakfast, or even a plain simple bacon sandwich, and then it really disappoints. It is almost a set up to fail the rest of your day.

There are plenty of places that offer a take on the classic fry up, but so few these days leave you feeling full, happy and with a little spring in your step.

We don’t eat out for breakfast a lot in this household, saying that I don’t often cook a full breakfast, but if we do go out for breakfast, it’s a challenge finding somewhere that offers a good breakfast. I mean anyone can cook breakfast, but few can make one that leaves you feeling like you need to go back for more and explore their other menu options.

That morning Emily was at nursery and so Jo had decided we should meet at Little Ships for breakfast and a chinwag over a cuppa and an Iced Tea Latte. Admittedly I was a little sceptical about going to Little Ships, so many people had said it was great but few people I knew actually had been in there and usually with a new fancy cafe & restaurant, it was bound to be ridiculously expensive. Surprisingly it wasn’t.

Ramsgate’s famous and critically acclaimed Empire Room restaurant, part of the nearby Royal Harbour Hotel, by hotelier James Thomas and chef Craig Mather, opened this lovely little restaurant last year. Before it was Little Ships, it was the overpriced Miles bar that failed to lift any spirit that walked through the door. Little Ships overlooks our stunning marina, the only Royal Harbour in the U.K. – yep, I’ll say it every time. This 80 seat restaurant with indoor and outdoor seating was miraculously refurbished, restyled and rebranded in less than 10 days – 8 days in fact.

Luckily we went on a Wednesday morning, meeting at 10.30am. There were only a few diners in and the section where we sat, I got dibs on where to sit which was a bonus. It was lovely. It meant I could take a few photos and read up on some history, whilst the lovely waitress took my tea order and politely talked about my box of treats I had made especially for Jo that day.

There was no hanging around to order or for the food wait either, but it was quiet. I can imagine the wait being longer for both in the warmer and busier times, but it was a delight and it’s refreshing to see all the fresh produce on show near the kitchen, something they pride themselves on with working and celebrating local farmers in the Thanet and Kentish areas.

I ordered a bacon sandwich and Jo had their full English breakfast which had a lot of fresh local ingredients in it. It was yummy, the bread was fresh and not too doughy.

Things to know:

  • Full English Breakfast: £11.50
  • Bacon sandwich: £4.70
  • Pot of tea: £2.40
  • Iced latte: £3.70



Facebook page:

If you’d like to reserve a table, visit:

I will definitely coming back here again. I just love relaxed feel to it and the staff are friendly. When the sun is shining, it’s the perfect spot to just watch the world go by.

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