New Amsterdam is my new guilty pleasure

Business Insider named it one of the worst 8 network tv shows last year, The Atlantic said it is ‘an atrocious portrayal of medicine,’ in all honestly, if you type “New Amsterdam” into Google search, you’ll find a host of other big named newspapers and magazines equally saying the show is terrible for various reasons. Honestly, I don’t know why. Yes the storyline is a little different to the normal, possibly a bit cheesy, the new Medical Director may be barmy to assume he can change a failing hospital (and maybe the world), but if you have a heart, you’ll fall in love with every character and maybe even shed a tear or two.

How can I help?” Dr. Max Goodwin asks at every turn on NBC’s “New Amsterdam” when he becomes the new medical director at the eponymous fictional hospital. And he really, really means it. The network series inspired by Dr. Eric Manheimer‘s memoir about working at The Bellevue Hospital, the oldest public hospital in NYC.

The hospital has fallen on hard times and Dr Max Gordon is here to save it. And I think I love him. He has wit, attitude and has a pretty cuddly warm fuzzy feel about him that will definitely pull on your heart strings as the storyline progresses, in fact, you’ll love all the characters, one by one.

You may say it’s so unrealistic but I don’t care. The characters are loveable, all with different personalities that bounce well off each other, all with different unique storylines that work well into the storyline. Dr Max Goodwin says at the end of the pilot episode, “People are excited to be doctors again”, and we have to say that we’re excited to follow them on their journey. This show has genuinely reignited our excitement in medical dramas. Which is true. I don’t want to watch something too serious, there’s far too much serious stuff happening in the world, it’s nice to watch something light-hearted. Not to mention, it brings back memories of the 90’s and ER.

It’s nice to have a new guilty pleasure without something sinister attached. I stopped watching The Handmaid’s Tale the season before last because it got too much. So having something a little light hearted that gives you feels, sheds something tears and make you feel fuzzy, is just what the doctor ordered.

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