I’ve ditched the resolutions in favour of the “New Year, New Do” list

Every year, time in, time out, I say I’ll do X in the hopeful bid I’ll achieve at least one of them. If you’re anything like me, the ones I created the first day of 2019, I haven’t done any of them. Oops.

It seems like a natural time to create resolutions to make changes. Like a reset button. But admittedly, I’ll make such elaborate resolutions, that I don’t do them because of the pressure, and end up failing. So I’m approaching 2020, my new chapter, a different way.

I bang on non stop about my weight. Sam is sick of hearing it, but 4 letters jump in because of that -LAZY. Yep, I’ve been lazy. I’ve made every da,n excuse in the book not to go to the gym after I’ve dropped Emily off at nursery including having too much work on.

So I’m going down the New Year, New Do.

By taking baby steps, making it a baby habit, I can focus on my goal as a daily task and tick the box as the day goes by. There are, of course other points I want to achieve but my main one is the weight loss.

I already took it upon myself to go a little wild buying dresses in a certain size in the New Look sale a few weeks ago. Lots of beautiful summer dresses that the new me will look great in but only achievable if I’ve lost the extra padding and then some.

Besides, I need to make sure the £28 I pay a month for the gym is put to good use, frankly it’s a total waste of money otherwise. I need to stick to the willpower focus on the goal.

In this instance, it will be April. 4 months, 4 incredible goals surrounding 1 big DO.

Because I can.

This girl can.

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