Forgive me for the long writing break

Forgive me!

I’ve not written since a few weeks before Emily turned 4 years of age back in November 2020. Around this time the world was at a funny place and I had absolutely no interest to write whatsoever.

Fast forward to now, Wednesday 9th of February 2022 and I felt the need to write and explain the long pause between my last post and this one.

Well, an explanation isn’t actually necessary but I had no interest to write before, and now I do.

2020 was an odd year, last year whilst a little better, was still odd. So the need to write felt unnecessary and my desire to wasn’t there either.

I couldn’t think of anything to write even with so much going on around us, but the last few days I’ve been thinking to myself how much I’ve missed this. To you this probably seems like ramblings again, boy have I had plenty of those blog posts in the past, but whilst walking Buster (oh we have a puppy now, more about him later) in the field, I felt this desire to write.

So if people read it, great. If it instead becomes an outlet to write whatever tickles my fancy, that’s great too.

A lot has happened in the last 2 years…

⭐  I’ve gone full time with the most awesome job

⭐  We got an adorable puppy called Buster

⭐  Emily left nursery and is now at school

⭐  Emily turned 5 last December

⭐  Sam asked me to marry him!

Pretty crazy times. But the most awesome times.

And have the most amazing next few years of planning and preparing for our wedding, whilst selling the house sometime this year and next steps of adventures for us. We are Missy, Me and Him with a furry friend too, the loveable wally Buster.

So, whilst I haven’t written in a while. I promise I won’t be as shit as I have been. I’ve found excuses not to write in the past and other times because there really wasn’t anything to say. But I kept this blog hoping that one day I will go back to the desire to write. So here it is 2022. I’ve vowed I’m not going to allow work to take over my every being, spend more time doing the fun stuff with my family and friends and live life how we’re supposed to damn well live it.

To more adventures.

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